Palais Idéal, 2006 schedule

Artists are listed in order of appearance on each bill -- first to last-- sets are generally 30min-or-less with 15 minutes between acts.

THURSDAY, OCT. 19, 2006: Opening Night

1078 Gallery, 6pm:

1078 Gallery, 11pm (free show):

FRIDAY, OCT. 20, 2006

1078 Gallery, 2pm (free show):

Moxie's Cafe/Gallery, 2pm (free show):

Tower's Herreid-Fender Stage, 2pm (free show):

1078 Gallery, 5pm:

1078 Gallery, 8pm:

SATURDAY, OCT. 21, 2006

1078 Gallery, Noon:

1078 Gallery, 3pm (free show):

Cafe Flo, 3pm (free show):

Moxie's Cafe/Gallery, 3pm (free show):

1078 Gallery, 5pm:

1078 Gallery, 8:30pm:

Crux Arts Collective, Midnight:

SUNDAY, OCT. 22, 2006

Serenity Center, 10am (free show):

1078 Gallery, Noon:

Has Beans Coffee & Tea Co., 3pm (free show):

1078 Gallery, 5pm, THE BIG FINALE!:

Palais Idéal, 2006 roster

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